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Easily find best practices for lenders and agents

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Whether you've added clients or just getting started, now is the time to optimize your account. Depending on your goal(s), click on the pink links below.

General Best practices:

  1. Join our weekly best practices training:

  2. Join our Facebook groups to share ideas and hear from other lenders and agents

  3. Add Homebot to part of your new client intake and closing process. Learn how to introduce Homebot to clients and prospects here.

  4. Log in at minimum once per week to check your Activity Feed for prospecting

  5. Add a welcome video for homeowners and buyers to (re)introduce yourself and remind them that you're the expert to turn to. Find other ways to customize the reports using video here.

  6. Partner with agents or a lender to enhance your client experience

  7. Add value using video email. For instance, you could record a video highlighting market updates and trends. Alternatively, you might invite a professional from your network, such as a CPA or Financial Advisor, to record a video sharing relevant and interesting industry knowledge. Encourage them to include their contact information so that your clients can learn more. You could even record a video together!

  8. Promote the mobile app. Since launching in 2023, we've seen triple the engagement on mobile compared to the web.

  9. Use the Issues Tab as a call list before deleting clients and prospects from your database

  10. Send a video to an individual homeowner or buyer while previewing their report. You can point out different sections to spark conversation. Click here for more.

  11. Build your database using your personalized lead gen pages on social media, email campaigns, and more

  12. Farm for leads using the sorting features in the homeowner and buyer tab of your account

  13. Use the homeowner reports to conduct annual reviews

Best practices when focusing on sellers:

Best practices when focusing on buyers:

  1. Send a video email to your buyers

  2. learn the value of the Homebot home search experience

Best practices when focusing on refi's:

  1. interest rate sorting

  2. Send a video email to clients who are ripe for a refi

  3. Send a video email to homeowners

  4. Send an individual client a video message and point to the cash-out module

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