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Best Practices: utilize client activity data
How to Use Homebot as a Conversation Starter With Example Scripts.
How to Use Homebot as a Conversation Starter With Example Scripts.

Best practices for what to say when you reach out to your clients and prospects (with or without a phone number).

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You’ve added your clients and prospects to your account, and they’ve started receiving Homebot. Now your activity feed is filling up with people who have engaged with their monthly reports.

So what’s next? Keep reading for how you can use Homebot to reach out and break the ice.

Call or text: The best practice here is to keep it general. No one likes to feel like they're being watched, so try not to point out their specific activity.

"Hi, Bob! I'm checking in to see what you think about Homebot. Do you have any questions about what you're seeing?"

Or you can say, "I've invested in this technology and want to ensure it's valuable to my clients. What do you think about your personalized home wealth report?"

Send a video message: Don’t have a phone number? Consider sending a video message to spark conversation.

While previewing an individual homeowner or buyer report, record your screen to show them unique opportunities based on the equity in their home.

If you have BombBomb, you can connect it to Homebot to send the video directly from your account. If you don't have BombBomb, you can record your screen by using an application like Zoom or Zight.

In the video below, I explain how to accomplish this and provide multiple example scripts.

Make yourself known by dropping off a mailer: This is an idea best suited for prospects with a known home address.

When marketing to people you haven't done business with yet, they may need more than a few touches to become aware of you and your services.

So if you see a homeowner active in the activity feed, consider sending or dropping off a mailer to get in front of them again.

Try to make your offer irresistible so they feel like they have to reach out.

Need a quick refresher on the activity feed? Check out this help center article.

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