3 Strategies for Using BombBomb With Homebot

Learn how to use BombBomb to provide value to your database attract prospective clients and partners.

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In this article, we'll cover three strategies for leveraging your BombBomb integration with Homebot:

Watch this brief video for an overview, and find step-by-step tutorials below for each tactic - but first, be sure you activate BombBomb in Homebot:

Strategy #1: Leveraging your activity feed

From your Activity tab, scroll down to the activity feed and check Include viewed home:

Once checked, you can use this list to target engaged clients and those simply opening and viewing their Homebot report. Look for activities like:

  • Started buyer onboarding process

  • Updated buyer profile

  • Tuned value

  • Viewed refi details

  • Updated loan balance

Once you've selected a high-activity client, click their name to view their personal activity feed and do some digging to understand their interests.

Once you have an idea of what your client is looking for and what action you'd like to drive next, select 'Preview Digest/Report' from their client profile:

From their homeowner's digest or buyer's report, click 'Record a BombBomb' to create a video that drives their eyes to a specific module of the digest and speak to it.

Are you unsure of what to say in your BombBomb video? Check out this article for example scripts.

Once you've recorded your video, be sure to add a call to action link:

Once you've sent your video, set a calendar reminder to follow up with a phone call. Then rinse & repeat with the rest of your high-activity clients + track your metrics through BombBomb.

Strategy #2: Using BombBomb to generate social media leads

You'll want to use your own homeowner digest for this one.

We suggest you create a video introducing Homebot and walk them through your digest explaining how, by signing up for Homebot, homeowners will learn to build wealth over time.

Once you've created your video, you'll want to add your personal landing page to the call to action and invite Homeowners to sign up to receive Homebot.

Once you've created the video, post it on social media!

HOT TIP: Using BombBomb, send this video to all of your past clients for whom you don't have a home address but an email, have them sign up to Homebot, and capture their address!

Strategy #3: Expand your reach by leveraging partnerships

Create a pitch video walking through the digest - focus on the key features for the agent or lender:

Once you've created your video, you'll want to add a call to action

  • Pitching an Agent: Add your personal URL to encourage agents to learn more and sign up

  • Pitching a Lender: Call to discuss + follow up with a direct invite to Homebot from your Co-Sponsor tab

For Lenders pitching agents: Turn on Freemium to allow agents to sign up for free.

Do you have questions or need support? You can send us a direct message using the pink icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your account.

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