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How to Find a Lender Co-Sponsor on Homebot
How to Find a Lender Co-Sponsor on Homebot

If you’re currently using Homebot as an Agent and have yet to partner with a Lender, this article is for you!

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If you're currently using Homebot and without a Lender Co-Sponsor, you're missing out on valuable features that could take your business to the next level.

With a Lender sponsor, you have the ability to:

  • Engage buyers with investor-grade market insights

  • Add your own custom videos throughout Homebot

  • Connect your IDX to Homebot’s market explorer

Take this 3-minute self-guided tour to learn how to invite a lender.

From your Co-Sponsor tab, you can search for a Lender you may already be working with to see if they’re currently using Homebot by searching their email address.

Can’t find them? You can invite them using the invite form:

Or, find a Lender in your area by searching zip code:

You’ll see a list of potential Lender Co-Sponsors in your area. If you have any shared clients on Homebot, we’ll be sure to let you know:

Click on a Lender you may be interested in requesting Co-Sponsorship from and click ‘More Info’ to learn more about them (if they’ve added a video - be sure to watch it!):

Think you’d like to partner with them? Send them an Invite and be sure to add an Intro Video to tell the Lender all about yourself:

Want to have a conversation with them first? Click on their email address to send them an email.

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