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How to turn on Custom Listings

Take one step further customizing your Homebot portal to level up your client experience by activating the Custom Listings Power Up

Written by Amanda Forney
Updated over a week ago

1. From the Customize tab, click +Get Started on the Custom Listings card

2. Enter in your personal IDX - be sure your link follows this format:{zipcode} - your link must be copied from your search bar and substitute the word "{zipcode}" for the actual number listed in your search link. Do not add in the physical zip code, make sure it is "{zipcode}" verbatim. See image.

3. Test your link to be sure it works by clicking Preview URL button

4. Looks good? Click the Save button
5. Having trouble? Send your link to the Customer Support team through the pink chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen

6. Now see it live in action by clicking View in Market Explorer

Not seeing this Power Up? It may be due to your subscription plan. Send Customer Support a direct message using the pink chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.


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