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Working With a Lender Co-sponsor
How to Find and Connect with a Lender Co-sponsor
How to Find and Connect with a Lender Co-sponsor

If you’re currently using Homebot as an Agent and have yet to partner with a Lender, this article is for you!

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If you're currently using Homebot without a lender Co-sponsor, you're missing out on valuable features that could amplify your reach.

With a Lender sponsor, you can:

  • Engage buyers with investor-grade market insights

  • Boost engagement and customize your client's experience using video

  • Connect your IDX to Homebot’s market explorer

  • Offer the Mobile App to your database

This article will show you how to:

Browse lenders active on Homebot and send an invite

To find a lender already on Homebot, you'll first need to add clients to your account.

Once you do, we'll be able to populate lenders who are in your area, active on Homebot, and open to co-sponsoring agents.

To get started, navigate to the Co-Sponsor tab, then click on Find a Lender.

We'll show you lenders who have clients in the same zip codes. Therefore, it's essential that you have clients in your account before taking this action.

You can also search active lenders by name or email.

If you have any shared clients on Homebot, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Once you find a lender to partner with, send an invite.

Please keep in mind that you can only have one lender co-sponsor. If you send multiple invites, we will connect you with the first person to accept your invitation.

Invite your preferred lender to join and co-sponsor you

Is your lender interested in joining you on Homebot? Navigate to the Invite tab and fill out your preferred lender's contact information.

Once you click Invite, you'll see it populate under Pending Requests and we'll send your lender the following email:

Take a moment to read the email in the screenshot below:

Once your invitation is accepted, you'll be connected and have instant access to additional features.

Next, check out this article for how to work together on Homebot.

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