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Homebot Mobile App FAQ's

Learn more about the Homebot Mobile App

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It's now easier than ever for your clients and prospects to reach you through their Homebot experience. Gone are the days they need to check their email or go through an internet browser to view their homeowner digest or buyer report; you'll be just one tap away through the Homebot Mobile App.

We did some research and found that a Homebot user's average session time on the mobile app is 2x longer than from their browser. This could mean deeper engagement for your clients and more business for you!

Continue reading for answers to frequently asked questions and additional resources, like how to promote the mobile app to your database.

Can anyone download the Homebot Mobile App?

The app is available to clients and prospects who are subscribed to Homebot through a lender or co-sponsored agents.

How will users opt-in to the mobile experience?

There are strategically placed CTA's or "ads" directing your clients and leads to download the app within the monthly Homebot emails and the Homebot digest. Once the app is downloaded, users will enter the email address associated with their Homebot and receive a code to enter at login.

Check out this article for how you can encourage existing Homebot users to download the app.

How will you stay in touch with clients and leads on the app?

Mobile engagement will be tracked and displayed in the 30-day performance section and the activity feed.

The 30-day performance section will reflect how many people are using the app, new downloads, and app views:

In the Activity feed, you’ll stay informed when clients perform actions like viewing their buyer report, favoriting a listing, messaging you, requesting a property tour, and more:

What about push notifications?

We'll send notifications to app users, including check-ins for buyers to update their finances, credit monitoring alerts, and more.

Currently, we have three notifications:

  1. Home Value Estimate

  2. Buyer Check-In

  3. Credit Monitoring

Learn how credit monitoring works through the mobile app here.

Have questions? Contact Customer Support by using the pink icon in the bottom right corner.

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