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Credit monitoring through the Homebot Mobile App
Credit monitoring through the Homebot Mobile App
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How does Credit Monitoring work?

Credit Monitoring on Homebot is possible through a robust integration with TransUnion® (one of the three primary US credit bureaus). This integration allows us to accurately and reliably display personal credit monitoring data to individual users who opt-in to this feature.

Homebot is a TransUnion® partner and, therefore, mandated to continuously uphold all TransUnion® legal, data, privacy, and security requirements in alignment with evolving best practices.

More specifics:

Credit scores displayed on Homebot are TransUnion® Vantage 3.0 Scores, a consumer-oriented FICO score complementary to the FICO scores most lenders use.

The TransUnion® credit scores displayed on Homebot serve as an indicator, helping your clients better understand their creditworthiness.

The TransUnion® scores displayed on Homebot are never meant to replace a loan officer pulling a credit score for pre-qualification or pre-approval. Your clients should contact you for a pre-qualification when they are ready to receive more specific credit information.

Have questions? Use the pink icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to send customer support a direct message.

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