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How to Promote the Homebot Mobile App

Learn how to generate leads with Homebot using the mobile app.

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There are several ways to share the Homebot Mobile App with your database and network.

  • Copy your custom link for social media, email campaigns, etc.

    • If you wish, turn the custom link into a QR code using your preferred generator. More on that below.

  • Find the app. Share the iOS and Android App Store links to sign up new clients or encourage existing clients to download the app.

    • You'll need to share your custom code in this instance (3rd option on the right pictured below).

Copy your custom link

First, what is the custom link, and how does it work?

Your custom link is a landing page unique to your Homebot account under the Get Leads tab. This custom link is designed to:

The custom link will route people to the appropriate app store based on their device (Apple Store or Google Play) to download the app and connect with you.

The Custom link is similar to the homeowner and buyer landing pages and can be used similarly. Check out this article for creative ways to generate leads with Homebot.

Turn your Custom Link into a QR code

QR codes offer an easy and convenient way for people to connect with you and learn more about your business. You can create a QR code for print marketing materials using your custom link.

A QR code can be generated using websites like QR code generator and QR code monkey. Copy the custom link and paste it into your chosen QR code generator. You'll then download it and paste it onto your marketing materials.

Here are some creative ways to start using your QR code:

  • Neighborhood farming and community newsletters

  • Put it on the back of your business card

  • Drop cupcakes off at professional businesses with a card attached

  • Post flyers in country clubs or other establishments

Check out these postcards and door hangers for inspiration.

Find the app

You can share a direct link to the iOS and Android App Stores to encourage new and existing clients to download the Homebot Mobile App.

  • Existing clients must sign in using the email address associated with their Homebot Digest.

  • New and existing clients must input your custom code under “customer code” to sign up with you and access the app.

  • Your custom code looks something like ERICA5266, as shown below.

You can learn more about the Homebot Mobile App here and contact us with any questions using the pink icon in the bottom right corner.

What’s next? You may also consider sending a Video Email to your Homebot database to inform them about the Homebot Mobile App and how to download it.

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