What is Video Email and How to Send One

Learn about video email and how you can use it to engage your database

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Video Email is a great way to boost engagement on Homebot and deliver a message to your database at scale.

To send a video email, navigate to the Customize tab and click Get Started:

You can target one of the following audiences with a video email once per week:

  • Homeowners

  • Buyers

  • Homeowners we consider "Ripe for a Refi"

The video will be included in an additional email, meaning it will not be attached to the homeowner or buyer report that goes out automatically each month.

Video Email can be used for:

  • Delivering market updates and trends

  • Calling attention to new Homebot features

  • Summarizing an interesting article you've read

  • Inviting your database to an event

  • Collaborate with industry experts or your cosponsored lender/agent

  • Holiday messages (keep in mind the video email will be sent over seven days, so everyone will not receive it on the same day)

The subject line and body of the email

Subject Line: [Customer Name], Here is what's new this week


When the client clicks on "View message," they'll be taken to their Homebot report, where the video will appear in the bottom left until the client presses play to watch.

We'll let you know in the activity feed once it's been played by an individual client.

The subject line and body of the email cannot be customized.

Follow the steps below for using Video Email:

Step 1: Choose your Video Email audience.

  • Video Email for Homeowners

  • Video Email for Buyers

  • Video Email for clients who are Ripe-For-Refi*

*Criteria for clients who are Ripe-For-Refi:

  • Up to 60% equity (current AVM to est. loan balance)

  • 30-year primary loan term with an interest rate above the national average, plus 1/4 of a point (to remain conservative)

  • 6+ month closed loans

You cannot segment these audience groups any further. The video will be sent to everyone in their respective group with a valid email.

Step 2: Craft your script and record your video on your smartphone, laptop, or camera. You will not be able to change the video email after it's sent, so please be sure you're happy with what you've created.

It's important to note your video will be sent over seven days, so be sure to exclude language like, "Have a great weekend!" or "Happy Monday!" since not everyone will receive it on the same day.

Step 3: Upload your video to a streaming platform. Choose from BombBomb, Pitchhub, or YouTube.

Step 4: Add the necessary information based on your streaming platform. You can find the instructions here.

Step 5: Preview the video.

Step 6: Check the box to acknowledge the video is in accordance with your company's compliance regulations.

Step 7: It's optional to add a custom disclaimer that will display near your branding near the bottom of the email

Step 8: Click "Next" and "Yes" to send the video to everyone with a valid email.

Video emails can take up to 48 hours to process and cannot be undone. If you need to cancel the email, please contact customer support using the pink icon in the bottom right corner of your account.

Have questions? Use the pink icon in the bottom right corner to send customer support a direct message.

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