What is Video Email and How to Send One
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Video Email is a great way to boost engagement on Homebot and deliver a message to your database at scale. Video Email can be used once per week, delivered to either all of your homeowners, all of your buyers, or clients who we consider are Ripe for a Refi.

Video Email can be used for:

  • Delivering market updates and trends

  • Calling attention to new Homebot features

  • Summarizing an interesting article you've read

  • Inviting your database to an event

  • Holiday message

Follow the below steps for using Video Email:

Step 1: Choose your Video Email audience.

  • Video Email for Homeowners

  • Video Email for Buyers

  • Video Email for clients who are Ripe-For-Refi*

*Criteria for clients who are Ripe-For-Refi:

  • Up to 60% equity (current AVM to est. loan balance)

  • 30-year primary loan term with an interest rate above 3.5%

  • 6+ month closed loans

Step 2: Craft your script and record your video on your smartphone, laptop, or camera. You won't be able to change the email after it's sent, so be sure you're happy with what you've created.

It's important to note, your video will be sent over a period of 7 days. So be sure to exclude language like, "Have a great weekend!" or "Happy Monday!" since not everyone will receive it on the same day.

Step 3: Upload your video to a streaming platform. Choose from BombBomb, Pitchhub, or YouTube.

Step 4: Add the appropriate information into the correct section of Video Email. Find instructions here.

Step 5: Preview the video.

Step 6: Check the box to acknowledge the video is in accordance with your company's compliance regulations.

Step 7: Click "Next" and then "Yes" to send the video to everyone with a valid email.

Video emails can take up to 48 hours to process and cannot be undone. If you need to cancel the email for some reason, please reach out to customer support using the pink chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your account.

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