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How to Use the Activity Dashboard to Understand Client Engagement
How to Use the Activity Dashboard to Understand Client Engagement

How to create a call list out of your Activity Feed

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Your Activity Feed is the most exciting area to spot all of your new blossoming opportunities! Located under the Clients tab in your main Homebot navigation, you'll see an Activity subtab with:

30-day performance

We're actively tracking how your clients are engaging with the reports throughout a rolling 30 days:

To ensure Homebot works well for your clients, you can track the email performance along with us. We're tracking the number of:

  • Sends: Emails sent to Homeowners in the past 30 days

  • Opens: Emails opened by Homeowners in the past 30 days

  • Views: Unique client views in the past 30 days

We then calculate the percentage, which is the total open and engagement rate! For example, using the image above: Of the home value reports sent, 60% of my clients opened it, and 36% viewed the digest.

Leverage High Engagement

High engagement shows your clients are interested in how their homes and markets are doing. Take advantage of their interest by sending a mass video email to all of your homeowners and/or buyers to update them on industry trends.

Discover Re-Engagement Opportunities

Click 'More Details' to see if, and how many, clients with email issues: bounces, unsubscribes, etc.:

By clicking on email or data issues, you'll be re-directed to your Issues tab, where you can re-engage or delete inactive clients to keep your client database clean!

Activity feed

Beneath these metrics is your Activity feed, providing you insight into your client's behaviors and actions:

Check out our guide to the activity tags to learn more about each action.

Filter to Find High Engagement Clients

First, decide if you'd like to filter by client type, 'Active Homeowners' or 'Active Buyers.'

If you'd like to view All your highest-engaged clients, check neither.

Next, check the box to the left of 'Include viewed home' to include clients who have simply viewed their home report and haven't taken significant action.

Once you've filtered your list, do some digging into their activity by clicking on their name:

Use their activity to help you understand your client's intentions. Create a call list of 2-5 people per week and use Homebot as a conversation starter.

PRO TIP: BombBomb is an excellent tool for sending a personalized report driving the next organic action a user could take.

We'd love to hear your success stories! Let us know how these tactics work by emailing us at [email protected]

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