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How to Use the Weekly Leaderboard Email for Prospecting
How to Use the Weekly Leaderboard Email for Prospecting

Find out what's included in the weekly leaderboard email and how you can use it for prospecting.

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Homebot will send a Leaderboard email to lenders and agents with an active database every Monday.

The Leaderboard email includes a preview of top client activity over the previous seven days, making it clear which clients should be at the top of the call list.

The email will not be sent if there hasn't been any activity over the previous seven days.

You may request to change the frequency to daily or monthly by contacting [email protected].

Client activity is broken up into different sections. Those sections are:

Continue reading to get a breakdown of the Leaderboard email and how it can be used for prospecting.

Most active Homeowners and Buyers

Your most engaged homeowners and buyers will be ranked in order based on the number of digest views and engagement they take i.e. exploring modules or simply viewing the digest.

Client activity can be found in your activity feed. The default mode of the activity feed is to show you clients who are most engaged, so it's essential to check the box next to "Include viewed home" to expose clients who only view their homeowner digest or buyer report.

If a client in the Leaderboard email isn't showing up in the activity feed, you may need to enable the "Include viewed home" checkbox. We hide these clients by default to keep the activity feed from feeling cluttered.

We encourage you to use the Leaderboard email to get an idea of who you should contact each week. You can then dive into your activity feed to get a more detailed breakdown of individual client engagement. To better understand client engagement, check out this article.

In the Leaderboard email, we’ll also display clients who are motivated for a refi or motivated to sell. To proactively find motivated clients, click on the appropriate filter in the activity feed. See the filters highlighted in pink below:

Learn how to turn your activity feed into a call list and use Homebot as a conversation starter here.

Pending tasks:

We'll inform you in the weekly email when clients take specific actions we consider time-sensitive. Those actions include:

  • CMA requests

  • Prequal requests

  • New leads

CMA requests: Homeowners can request a professional opinion on the value of their home from within the homeowner digest. Learn more about that here.

Prequal requests: Buyers can request to be prequalified from the budget section at the top of their buyer report.

New leads: Lenders and agents have access to personalized landing pages (PURLs for short), which can be used to generate leads. Learn more about that here.

For lenders, pending tasks are displayed in the Leaderboard email until marked completed under the tasks tab. Learn how to manage your tasks tab here.

Top Agent Activity

For lenders who are cosponsoring agents, we'll display top agents with an active database.

It’s a good idea to check in with your agents to ensure you're both getting the most out of your co-sponsorship. Agents with low client counts may need a friendly nudge or additional help getting started. Check out our live weekly workshops for lenders and agents here!

If you'd like to change the cadence of this weekly leaderboard email, please contact customer support by using the pink icon in the bottom right corner!

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