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How to Manage Your Tasks List in the Tasks Tab
How to Manage Your Tasks List in the Tasks Tab

Looking to Streamline Client Management in Homebot? Learn how to Use Your Task List Feature

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For lenders, Homebot's Task List streamlines your client management experience by making it easier than ever to review, manage, and engage with clients who might need additional attention. By staying up to date on your tasks, you'll be able to quickly capitalize on emerging opportunities and nurture meaningful relationships with your clients.

The Task tab appears on lender accounts only.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how to use the Task List:


Your Task List can be found in the Manage Tab. This is where you’ll find notifications from clients who have reached out or may need your attention. We call these tasks Client Signals.

Sort by date to see the most recent tasks on your list.

sort task list by date

Upon completing a task, click on the check mark to the left, to move the task from pending to completed. You'll be able to view tasks for up to 60 days.

mark tasks as complete

Currently, we're tracking three Client Signals. The signals include:

  1. CMA Requests

  2. Pre-Qualification Requests

  3. New Client Leads

Let's dive into each of these.


The CMA Request is triggered when your client tunes the value of their home from within their Homeowner Digest Report. In addition to receiving an email notification, the CMA Request now appears in your Pending Tasks list as well.

assign a CMA request

To assign the CMA Request to an agent that you’re co-sponsoring, simply click on the ‘Assign to Agent’ link in the Task Column. This will open up a window where you can select an agent partner to assign the CMA Request.

pending task list

You can also use this as an opportunity to invite an agent that you'd like to co-sponsor. The agent that receives the CMA Request from you will get an email notification with the necessary information to fulfill the request. Upon completion, the agent will be introduced to the client via email in case they have any additional questions. You’ll be included in that email as well so you can stay in the loop. This is not only a great incentive for the agent to complete it in a timely manner, but assigning CMA requests is a great way for you to nurture those agent relationships!

If you are not co-sponsoring an agent or do not plan to, we suggest calling your client to find out if they're working with an agent who can fulfill their request, or you can offer to introduce them to an agent in your network.


Pre-qualification Requests that come through the Buyer's Report will also appear on your Task List. Click on the Complete Pre-Qual link to open the Complete Pre-Qual Form.

manage pre-qualification request

Filling out the details on this form optimizes your client's search experience by helping them find markets that best match their finances and priorities. You can learn more about Homebot’s Home Search feature here.


You'll see new client leads populate in this section. This notification will be triggered when someone signs up to receive Homebot through one of the landing pages that uses your PURL.

To Review the lead’s information, click on Review Client Details.

review clients

After you have reviewed the lead, you can consider this task complete.

review client list

Stay tuned for future updates to the Task List.

Need help? We'd love to assist you with any questions; send us a chat using the pink icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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