How to Leverage CMAs

Learn how to manage and leverage CMA requests

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What is a CMA?

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a term Real Estate Agents use to describe an in-depth process of evaluating a home’s true worth in today’s market. CMAs help homeowners understand their home's value based on the value of recent properties that sold in their neighborhood.

When someone requests a CMA, it's a great indicator they're considering selling their property to either relocate or purchase a new property as a source of additional income.

Where do CMA requests come from?

Homeowners have the ability to request a CMA through the "Tune Your Value" module in their digest. Learn how that works here.

Because homeowners typically work with a Real Estate Agent to complete their CMA, Loan Officers can easily assign inbound CMA requests to their co-sponsored Real Estate Agents in Homebot. If you’re a Loan Officer, learn how to hand off CMA requests here.

How it works

When homeowners want your help coordinating a CMA, you'll receive an email and text message alerting you of the request.

1. View the CMA for details about why your client believes their home is worth more or less.

2. Once you have all of the information, call your client directly to ensure you know why they're requesting a CMA, and let them know you can connect them to a trusted Real Estate Agent to complete the CMA.

If you’re their Real Estate Agent, perform the CMA and update the value for their home:

If you’re their Loan Officer and your client wants to be connected to a Real Estate Agent:

Assign the CMA request to Co-Sponsored Real Estate Agent partners on Homebot.

Select the Homeowners tab and then Needs CMA; next to your client's request, select 'Assign to Agent' and follow the confirmation steps:

Please note that an Agent must accept the CMA request to view the clients’ details. Learn more about how to assign an Agent to a CMA request here.

If Your Client Has a Preferred Real Estate Agent …

When a client is working with a preferred agent, it's a great opportunity to expand your network in real life and on Homebot through co-sponsorship.

CMAs are a great pitch for getting an agent to partner with you through Homebot and a great way for you to stay top of mind for a client!

If You Don’t Have Real Estate Partners on Homebot…

We’d love to support you! Check out our Landing Agents Resource page for step-by-step tutorials, email templates, and workshops.

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