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How Homebot Works in Non-Disclosure States
How Homebot Works in Non-Disclosure States

Learn how non-disclosure states work and how to manage your clients.

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Homebot leverages public data to help project home value estimations using sale prices, market data, and original loan information. Since non-disclosure states have limited public data, our algorithm may have issues pulling the most recent value.

Non-Disclosure States Include:

  • Alaska

  • Idaho

  • Kansas

  • Louisiana

  • Mississippi

  • Missouri (some counties)

  • Montana

  • New Mexico

  • North Dakota

  • Texas

  • Utah

  • Wyoming

How to Handle Non-Disclosure State Clients:

If you're the loan officer and don't have the mortgage details available, you can obtain sales price information from real estate agents involved in local sales or have access to the local MLS.

Opportunity #1: We alert your client about the limitation - providing an opportunity for them to update the value or notify you directly. Include a personalized video explaining why valuations may be off and showing your client how to contact you for a valuation:

Opportunity #2: Leverage your CMA requests and use them as an opportunity to talk with your clients!

If you're a Loan Officer Co-Sponsoring Agents, assign CMAs to your partners!

Opportunity #3: Depending on the size of your client list, you can also turn off automatic emails for your clients and review each client individually to adjust their AVM before they receive their first digest. Learn how to turn off automated emailsand update the home value.

Opportunity #4: Upon client upload, provide the following details to ensure your client's profile is robust:

  • Purchase price

  • Purchase date

  • Appraised value

  • Appraisal data

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