How to Edit a Client's Home Value

Learn how to update the value of a home by updating the CMA

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With ever-changing markets and potential home renovations, Homebot's automated home value (or AVM) is easy to update - putting control in the hands of you and your clients.

You can proactively manage your client's values in response to changing marketing by going directly to their client profile and clicking, 'Have you done a CMA recently?':

The following screen will appear for you to enter the new value and the latest range of the value for future growth and adjustments:

Clients can also tune their value and notify you via CMA request that they'd like their home value evaluated.

You can view the details of the request plus update the value from their client profile:

If you're a Loan Officer, learn how to assign CMA requests to Real Estate Agent Co-Sponsors.

Noticed a change in the market that's impacting values? Send a video email to your clients to notify them and have them tune their value to inform you they'd like a review!

Let us know if you have any questions! We're here for you in the pink bubble in the right-hand corner.

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