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What is Video Email and How to Send One

Learn how to send a video email to all of your homeowners and buyers

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The Video Email POWER UP allows you to send weekly video emails to all of your Homeowners or all of your Buyers. It's a great way to boost engagement and deliver a message to your database at scale.

Real estate agents on Homebot will need a lender co-sponsor in order to use Video Email. Here's an article explaining the benefits of having a lender co-sponsor and another on how to secure one.

Some ideas for how to use Video Email include:

  • Delivering market updates and trends

  • Calling attention to new Homebot features

  • Summarizing an interesting article you've read

  • Collaborate with your cosponsored lender/agent or professionals in your network that could provide value to your database

See an example of a Video Email here.

IMPORTANT: Once the video is ready, you must upload it to a streaming platform before adding it to your account. For more information, click here.

Then, you'll be ready to navigate to the Customize tab and click 'Get Started' on the Video Email power up.

Next, select the audience you'd like to send a video email to:

  • Homeowners

  • Buyers

  • Ripe for Refi (this option will only populate if you have clients that meet the criteria below)

    • up to 60% equity (current AVM to the estimated loan balance)

    • 30-year primary loan term with an interest rate above 7.75 (the interest rate auto-updates every Thursday from Freddie Mac, and we round up a 1/4 point to remain conservative.)

    • loan closed more than five months ago

Once you click Get Started for homeowners or buyers, we'll let you know the number of homeowners or buyers with valid email addresses the video email will reach.

Side note: you cannot change the subject line of the video email.

Next, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, you'll need to select a video streaming platform and provide the information needed based on which one you chose. For instructions on adding your video to a streaming platform and what information we need, see this article.

Before saving, you can add a custom disclaimer to display at the bottom of the email. You'll then need to acknowledge that "this video is aligned with what I can legally offer and is in accordance with my company's compliance regulations."

Once you click Save, you'll confirm the video displayed is the one you want to send.

Once you confirm, we'll start sending the video email over a seven-day period, so not everyone will receive it on the same day. You'll be able to send another video email the following week.

Need to stop the video email from sending? Click 'Stop Email Send' in red below.

To track video engagement, please use the platform used to create the video (YouTube, BombBomb, PitchHub).


They will receive an email with the video linked to their homeowner or buyer report. Your client's name will be substituted for "Poncha".

Once the recipient clicks "View Message," they will be directed to their Homebot report, which includes your attached video.

Have questions? Use the pink icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to send customer support a direct message or register for our weekly video training.

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