How Homeowners Add Themselves as a Buyer

Learn how homeowners notify you when they're interested in buying.

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Homebot is committed to helping you stay with your client throughout the homeownership cycle.

If your client is receiving the homeowner digest, they can opt into the buyer's side of Homebot, or you can add them as a buyer directly.


Clients with 75% LTV or a minimum of 10K in equity will see the Purchase module, showcasing options to utilize their equity:

If a client selects any of the above options, they'll be able to start a home search, activating the buyer's side of Homebot.

You'll receive the following email notification when that happens:

You can also add your Homeowner as a Buyer through the Add Client tab:

Please note: If someone is both a homeowner and a buyer in your account, you will only be charged for 1 billable client. Learn more about billing here.

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