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First things first, have you sent yourself a digest with your own home? It's the best way to get firsthand insight into the value of the Digest.

What is the Buyer Report?

The Buyer Report is sent to your prospects and past clients every month to keep them up to date on their markets of interest. Through the report, they'll be able to request to be prequalified, explore markets nationwide, and among other things, they can find out how well a potential purchase could perform as a short-term rental.

Watch a tour of the buyer's side of Homebot here.

Is the Buyer Report the first email they receive?

Your buyers will first receive a warm-up email welcoming them to Homebot and explaining the value just moments before their very first report. If the client is added one at a time, they'll receive it the next day. If they're added in bulk, it could take up to 1 week before they receive the welcome email and their very first report. Learn more about when reports are sent here.

How often does the buyer receive the Report? Can I change this cadence?

Our system will automatically send out a report to your clients every 30 days (give or take a few days). There is no specific date or time of the month that reports get sent out. This cadence cannot be changed. Homebot monitors how often your client views their Report and may adjust the schedule to quarterly emails if their activity is low.

You can also manually send a digest by going into your client's home dashboard and clicking Send Home Email and then Send Home Email again.

Once I add clients through a bulk import, will they all be emailed at once?

Your clients will be emailed in batches over a seven-day period. If you have 400 clients you're adding, we'll divide that number by 7 so your inbox isn't overwhelmed.

You can turn your Report settings off until your clients are loaded. Here's how.

How can clients contact me?

Throughout the Homebot Digest, clients have the opportunity to message or call you directly. Learn more about where messages come from and how to manage them.

Can Buyers unsubscribe? How will I know?

Yes, they can unsubscribe from the email or from within the report. You can monitor who unsubscribes in two ways:

Can I monitor my buyer's engagement with the Report?

Yes, of course! Read this article on leveraging client engagement to drive more business.

Have more questions? Please send us a chat using the pink message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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