Your Activity Feed is the most exciting area to spot all of your new blossoming opportunities!

Within the Activity tab, you'll see your engagement dashboard displaying the total number of Digests Sent, Email Opens, Email Clicks, and CMA Requests over the last 30 days.

These metrics are a great complement to the detailed Activity Feed (your client viewing history in real time), located right below your Activity Dashboard (see screenshot below).  

What can I do with this information?
When you see a client who is actively engaged with their Homebot digest (opening multiple times or very frequently), it may be a good idea to proactively reach out to your client to see if they have any questions or are looking to buy/sell/refinance/etc.

What does it mean when my client has "opened the email”?
Clients who opened the email.

What does it mean when my client has "viewed the digest from the email”?
Clients who click the “See your value” button within the email and are then directed to their personalized home Digest.

Note: You can also click into any of your clients within the "Find a Client" page to see a running history of that specific client's engagement history. In addition to the options above, you may also see that your client ”clicked on the email”. This means your client has clicked any link within the digest email, excluding the unsubscribe link. "Clicks" are only tracked in your client’s individual activity feed (located at the bottom of their client/home profile).

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