Your Activity Feed is the most exciting area to spot all of your new blossoming opportunities!

Located under the Clients tab in your main Homebot navigation, you'll see an Activity subtab with engagement metrics from over the past 30 days. Beneath these metrics is your Activity Feed, providing you direct insight into your client behaviors and actions.

Looking to better understand each activity tag by your client's name? Check out this article.

TIP: Click "More Details" to discover potential client email issues. Learn more about being proactive with inactive clients here.


While Homebot is an excellent set it and forget it tool - you can leverage client behaviors to drive transactions, increase customer loyalty, and generate referrals!

1 - Direct, personalized outreach

First, decide if you'd like to filter by type 'Active Homeowners' or 'Active Buyers'.

Step 1: Next select 'Hide clients that only have views' to get a concentrated list of clients who have taken significant actions like, "explored refi opportunities" or "new listing search":

Step 2: Do some digging & follow up: When you see a client who is actively engaging with their Homebot digest, click on their name to view their profile and recent activity. Their personal activity feed can give you great insight into what your client may be looking to do:

If you need more information or know your client's next organic step, reach out to them directly.

PRO TIP: BombBomb is a great tool for sending a personalized report driving the next organic action a user could take.

2 - Leverage monthly engagement

High engagement shows your clients are interested in how their home and markets are doing. Take advantage of their interest by sending a mass video email to all of your homeowners and/or buyers to update them on industry trends.

We'd love to hear your success stories! Let us know how these tactics work by emailing us at [email protected]!

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