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Why the automated "Welcome Email" is so important & how to manage it
Why the automated "Welcome Email" is so important & how to manage it

Learn all about the welcome email and how to customize it, turn it off, and more.

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We always recommend sending an introduction email to your new clients and leads before sending them their first Homebot Digest

Why do it?  

Sending an introduction email is a great way to boost open-rates by 10% or more.  It lets your clients know about Homebot before it arrives and to keep an eye out for it. It's also a great way to have a touchpoint with your clients that creates anticipation for something we know they're going to love.

Can I customize the welcome email?

Yes! Learn how here. We highly recommend you leave the subject title as is, after significant testing we've found that it is less likely to be flagged as spam or junk. 

How does it work?

When turned ON (toggle shows pink), Homebot will take care of the rest.  We will also send a welcome email to any new leads who join via your lead capture page (but this version is a little different since these users are already expecting a Homebot digest). Learn how to turn the feature ON/OFF. 

Can I still send my own welcome emails?

Yes!  If you want to send your own welcome email through your own system, just be sure this setting is turned OFF (toggle shows grey) in your profile settings. Learn how to turn them off here.

Once my clients have been uploaded, when will they receive the emails?

Now that you've taken the most important step in getting started with Homebot, you can expect your clients to receive the Welcome Email (and Digest) in batches over the course of 7 business days if adding clients in bulk. If adding clients one at a time, they'll receive the welcome email and digest the following day at no specific time.

Want something to send to your Homeowners explaining the benefits of receiving the digest? Check out this video!

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