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Your Market Update Email Overview
Your Market Update Email Overview

Learn all about our monthly homeowner's email about their market temperature.

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In addition to the homeowner's digest, your clients will receive a monthly email about their local market conditions. This means homeowners receive two emails from you through Homebot (one every two weeks). To turn off the Your Market Update email email, click here.

Below is an image of the Your Market Update email:

Temperatures for the market will show as:

  • In high demand

  • In demand

  • Balanced

  • Cool

  • Cold

We'll also indicate the trajectory of the market, whether it's:

  • Picking up

  • Holding steady

  • Cooling down

These market conditions will be viewable from the homeowner report, allowing clients to:

  • Determine if it's a good time to sell or not

  • Compare their homes to others in their zip code

  • Become familiar with average selling timelines and home specs in their zip code

  • Understand critical factors like appreciation/depreciation and cash position

Learn how Homebot is helping you identify and qualify seller leads in your database with the Should You Sell section of the homeowner report.

Please note: Market data can look very different for multi-family versus single-family homes. This is why we do some auto-magic in the background to decide which data to show. We default to show single-family home data unless the client’s home has a unit number in the address. If that's the case, we assume they have a condo, townhome, or multi-family home. Their market will look like this:

If Homebot does not have enough data to provide useful insights, then Your Market will not show in the digest. If the Your Market feature isn’t showing, the Your Market email will not send either.

Who will receive this email, and when?

The Your Market Update email will only go to Homeowners if they do not already receive a Buyers Report.

Homeowners will receive education and empowerment emails every 15 days:

  • Day 1: Home Value Report

  • Day 15: Your Market or the Market Report (for buyers)

This allows your homeowner to receive a bi-weekly market pulse, helping them understand their market over time and warming them up to make the right decision at the most opportune moment.

Where are we getting the market data?

Over 100 million homes are assessed on thousands of data points each week but of course, it is never as accurate as a professional’s assessment. That's why we allow your clients to send you a message at the click of a pink button.

We get market data from a best-in-class data company, Altos Research.

Have questions? Send customer support a direct message using the pink icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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