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Module Overview: What's Important Now
Module Overview: What's Important Now

Learn all about each possible scenario in the What's Important Now section & how they work

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Homebot ensures your homeowner has the best options available to support them through each part of the homeownership's lifecycle. Based on their eligibility and market, Homebot will recommend up to 3 different actions that may be relevant to your client in the What's Important Now section:

Below is a list of each What's Important Now notification, when your client can expect to see them, and what opportunities they can yield for you!

Keep in mind:

  • These are dynamic and will vary by the homeowner

  • Clients will only see three scenarios at a time

  • Some options will only show to the client when eligible


If a homeowner's sold date is in the next 90 days, they will see this notification:

The homeowner will be taken to the home insurance module, where they can learn more about finding the right home insurance for their situation:

This will look different for Insurance Agent customers based on their level of risk. This is what it will look like for Insurance Agent customers only.


If clients who have at least a 65% loan-to-value ratio, yielding at a minimum of $25k, will be prompted to explore their cash-out refi options:

When client's click 'Get more details', they'll be able to explore a cash-out refi scenario and contact you at the click of a button:


Your clients love Homebot because it makes a difference in their life, so they share it with family and friends! We've made it easier and put it at the forefront of their digest for quick-click access:

Client's who click 'Share now' will be taken to this invite form:


Homeowners with 25%+ equity vested in their home will be able to see the Dream Home - Purchase Power option:

Client's who click 'Get more details' will be taken to a dream home scenario that ignites ideas on how they can leverage their equity - plus they can watch a customized video:

Note: This Purchase Power Scenario figure multiples the client's total home equity by 5 (capped at 150% of the current home value) and assumes a 30-year mortgage using Freddie Mac National Averages.


Homeowners will see the refi WIN if they are eligible to see the refi section AND if they will save monthly if they were to do a 30 year refinance:

Clients can get more information by clicking, 'Get more details' and contact you directly:


Homeowners who have up from 40% - 70% LTV and that will make at least $10k will see the downsize and pocket cash opportunity:

If your client is interested in learning more, they can click 'Get more details' to acquire more information and contact you directly:


If a homeowner has a sold date less than two years ago and has 2+ positive indicators, they'll be notified to explore their selling marketing:

They can click 'Get more details' to learn more about their selling signals and inquire for more information:

Questions? Please email us at [email protected] or send us a chat!

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