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Learn about the power of our refinancing module

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Refinancing can be a great way to build wealth or utilize home equity to consolidate debts. Understanding the cost implications of different loan products empowers your clients to make smarter financial decisions.

Homeowners often don't realize how costly interest can be. Our visually informative refi module helps your clients:

  • See how interest can add up over time.

  • Compare possible refinance options to help them make smarter wealth-building decisions when it comes to their home.

  • Contact you directly with questions through our one-click email features!

This comparative module helps your clients explore options while capturing the data for you!

  • An interactive slider allows your clients to personalize their refi module based on the number of years they plan to stay in the home. Depending on their timeline, some refi scenarios may benefit them more than others. Homebot will prioritize options based on estimated long-term savings:

  • Estimated breakdowns of cost and savings - we’ll show them potential benefits and risks, directing them to reach out to you for more info. Clients can even call you right from the digest on their cellphone:

  • Bonus tips on how to save money over time - your clients with extra cashflow can see what a difference additional payments could mean to their savings over time:

Now you can take your client's interest one step farther with Homebot & Mortgage Coach's Integration by allowing them to request a TCA directly from Homebot:

***This feature is only available for lenders with a Homebot Pro subscription and a Mortgage Coach account. Please email [email protected] with questions.

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