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Module Overview: Home Insurance
Module Overview: Home Insurance

Learn more about how the home insurance module works to alert your clients to possible renewals and their options.

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With the Home Insurance Module, we’re taking empowerment one step further -- reminding eligible homeowners to check-in with their insurance before it auto-renews.

Helping make sure your clients are appropriately insured and aren't overpaying will not only increase like-ability and chance for referrals, but it will also allow you to leverage and strengthen your relationship with trusted insurance agents or agencies.

Clients may start reaching out regarding their home insurance options which are when you’ll receive an email notification saying the following:

Please note: This is a once-per-year reminder module, only showing 90 days before the policy start date or the sold date the home was purchased. The insurance expiration is based on the policy start date or sold date listed for the client. For example, homes with a sold date of 10 + years ago will not show this module. You can update the sold date here or update the policy for your client through their digest.

TIP: If getting a new policy is the right decision for your client, have resources ready to support them. For example, a pre-written hand-off an email to a trusted insurance agent or a list of preferred insurance agencies and their options.


When eligible, homeowners will see a notification in the What’s Important Now section:

They’ll also see Homebot’s risk-o-meter before the Airbnb section of the digest. This risk-o-meter shows if the homeowner is at low, moderate, or high risk of not having competitive coverage in the marketplace or being underinsured.

How is it calculated? The risk-o-meter assumes the homeowner has not changed insurance since the purchase of the home or updated it since the last known policy start date we have on file. Based on this assumption, the longer the homeowner is in the home - the higher risk they are for overpaying.

  • 1 year = Low

  • 2 years = Medium

  • 3+ years = High

By clicking the 'More information on this', your client can learn more about why they may be at high risk and contact you for guidance:

Clients can contact you directly for additional support, confirm the details of their policy, or snooze the reminder until next year!

By clicking the 'Update your policy details' or 'Confirm details', your client is prompted to update their insurance information:

Once updated, their risk-o-meter will recalibrate and they'll be reminded again in roughly a year.

Have questions or need support? Send us a chat using the pink message bubble to the right!

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