How to Manage New Leads

Learn how to manage your new Homebot leads

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Not only can your clients refer people from their Homebot but through your Get Leads tab, you're able to capture new leads to nurture through Homebot.

To get started, click on Clients in the navigation bar. Then, select the Leads sub-tab (see image below):

Once on your lead page, take time to review each client and make note of any outreach or contact you may have already have with them.


  • Your overall workflow and how you'd like to include Homebot lead management into your schedule

  • Lead source, ex: you'd likely nurture a lead from a client much differently than one you gained from a Facebook post

  • Digest engagement: Click on their name, select their property address to view their client profile, and then scroll down to the engagement feed:

Need some outreach ideas? Here's some from our top producers:

  • For those without BombBomb - Send them a personalized email introduction and let them know you're available if they have any questions!

  • For leads with high activity - Call them directly, ask them how they're doing, how they like the report, and see if they have any questions!

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