How to Add Clients in Bulk

Learn how to start a bulk import of your database.

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Uploading your clients in bulk is the easiest way to add a large database to Homebot. In this article we'll provide:

Watch the video below for a quick overview of adding clients in bulk:

Please note: By adding your clients, you are automatically opting them in to receive the Homebot report(s). Clients can unsubscribe at any time from their report or email. If you want your clients to self opt-in, read this article.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Export your clients from your CRM or LOS tool or use one of our templates below as a guide. Download the list of requirements.

Step 2: Once you have all of your client information compiled in a spreadsheet, go to your Homebot account and select the upload it from your Add Clients Tab:

Step 3: Select 'Add clients in bulk':

Step 4: This step is required for all Loan Officers and will help us process your data faster if some information is missing. You must confirm two things:

  1. You allow Homebot to manually input your NMLS ID if it's missing from your spreadsheet.

  2. You give Homebot permission to import loan information using public record data if required loan information is missing.

Step 5: Review required fields for upload to ensure you have met the requirements or included any additional information you'd like added to the system:

Step 6: Upload or drag & drop your spreadsheet(s) into the file uploader. **Please note, Homebot allows multiple files to be uploaded at once.

Step 7: Let us know if the clients are homeowners or buyers. How do you know them?:

Once you click Upload, you'll see a success message from our data team. Someone will go through your spreadsheet, scrub for duplicates, and will reach out if anything is missing.

Required & Recommended Fields

Below are the required and recommended fields to upload your client data. Please keep in mind, your past clients and prospect import data must be in separate spreadsheets for proper import.


Required Fields (Don’t have loan data? We’ll pull it from public record!):

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Property Address

  • Property Zip

Add any additional property owner's contact information so they can receive Homebot too!

Required Fields for Loan Data Upload

We'll use your loan data in conjunction with the public record to populate the most accurate data:

  • Total Loan Amount

  • Interest Rate

  • Loan Term (# of Months)

  • Loan Purpose (Refi, Purchase, Etc)

  • Closing Date

  • NMLS Loan Originator ID

  • NMLS Loan Type

  • Lender NMLS ID

These are especially important if you are in rural areas or non-disclosure states.

  • Sold Price

  • Appraised Value

Recommended Fields:

  • Insurance Policy Start Date

  • DOBs (MM/DD/YYY) to activate the reverse mortgage module

  • Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium

  • Loan Number (can be used in the future when integrating with the Homebot API)


Required Fields

  • First & last name

  • Email

  • Zipcodes of interest

  • Max Loan Amount

  • Downpayment

  • Max Home Price

  • Preapproved

Additional Fields Available

  • Estimated Rate

  • Loan Type

  • Loan Term Months

  • Loan Adjustable

  • Loan ARM Years Initial

  • Expires At


Don't want to use our templates? No problem. Download our list of client upload requirements.

Wondering what happens after you add your clients? Read this.

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