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Instructions for Retrieving Data From Your LOS or CRM Tool.
Instructions for Retrieving Data From Your LOS or CRM Tool.

If you already have a client database, feel free to export your data and upload it directly to Homebot.

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Absolutely! We're happy to accept client data exports from your CRM or LOS tool! Just be sure it has all the required fields (see below for further detail).

Thanks to helpful customers like yourself, we've compiled instructions for some of the top used tools in the industry:


We would love to work with you in keeping these links up to date! Homebot does not have direct access to LOS or CRM tools export instructions. These links are provided by awesome customers like you, working with us to share instructions. If links are outdated or missing an important tool, we would love to hear from you! Email [email protected]

Required & Recommended Fields

Below are the required and recommended fields to upload your client data. Please keep in mind, your past client's and prospect's import data must be in separate spreadsheets for proper import.


Required Fields for Basic Import (uses public record data for loan info):

  • Borrower First Name

  • Borrower Last Name

  • Borrower Email

  • Property Address

  • Property Zip

**A Unique Email is required for the co-borrower to be added (cannot be the same as the borrower’s email)

Required Fields for Loan Data Import

We'll use your loan data in conjunction with the public record to populate the most accurate data:

  • Total Loan Amount

  • Interest Rate

  • Loan Term (# of Months)

  • Loan Purpose (Refi, Purchase, Etc)

  • Closing Date

  • NMLS Loan Originator ID

  • NMLS Loan Type

  • Lender NMLS ID

If you're an agent or don't have the loan details, Homebot will automatically pull loan data from public records.

These are especially important if you are in rural areas or non-disclosure states.

  • Sold Price

  • Appraised Value

  • Borr & Co-Borr DOBs (MM/DD/YYY) to activate the reverse mortgage module

  • Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium

  • Loan Number (can be used in the future when integrating with the Homebot API)


Required Fields for Basic Import

  • First & last name

  • Email

  • Zipcodes of interest

  • Max Loan Amount

  • Downpayment

  • Max Home Price

  • Preapproved

Additional Fields Available

  • Estimated Rate

  • Loan Type

  • Loan Term Months

  • Loan Adjustable

  • Loan ARM Years Initial

  • Expires At

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