Congratulations on getting your clients added! Whether you uploaded them into Homebot or you added them in yourself, here's what happens next:

1. Check your settings + customize your Homebot in preparation for your leads

Make sure you've optimized your account by adding any customizations you'd like. Learn how here.

2. The welcome email will automatically start sending to your clients, followed by their first home value email over a period of 7 days.

Don't want your emails to be automatically sent? Or, want to customize the welcome email? Learn how here.

3. Your homeowner will automatically receive the home value email or buyer's report monthly.

Learn all the home value email's ins and outs to prepare yourself for the inquires soon to be coming your way. Take a deep dive into the tools your clients will be receiving by clicking here.

4. Learn how to Homebot with video tutorials:

Check out our step-by-step tutorial videos to teach you how to Homebot: 

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