Believe it or not, unengaged clients provide a great opportunity to have a conversation with your homeowner or buyer.

Through Clients - Issues subtab; you can filter through your clients by email issue (see gif below):

Below, find each filter type and how to use it as an opportunity to connect with your client.

Unsubscribes; Marked as Spam

TIP: Reach out to your client to be sure they received the welcome email and confirm they are no longer interested in receiving the Digest or Buyers Report.

Email bounces; Invalid Emails; Incomplete Clients

TIP: Call or text your client to confirm their email address then tell them about this great new product you're going to be sending them!

Incomplete clients; Inactive

TIP: Send your client a BombBomb video reviewing their digest or market report with them; re-send their digest and/or report and request they check it out! 

To bulk delete clients, check out this article.

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