Unengaged clients provide an excellent opportunity to have a conversation with your homeowner or buyer. Based on the issue, Homebot logs, tags, and sorts them for you to make the following actions easy.

From the Issues tab, you can:

From Clients, select the Issues tab to get started:

Unsubscribes; Marked as Spam

These clients have unsubscribed from Homebot emails or marked them as spam. You may want to update your CRM to no longer send emails to these clients and likely delete them from Homebot.

Deleting clients is permanent, be sure to reach out to your client to be sure they received the welcome email and confirm they are no longer interested in receiving the Digest or Buyers report.

To resubscribe your client, click on the client's name and then select Manage:

Next, click the red email icon, so it shows green. Your client is now resubscribed:

Email bounces; Invalid Emails

These clients have bad or incorrect emails. If you don't have their email listed elsewhere, contact your client directly to get it updated.

Once you have the correct email address, click on the client's name to update it directly:

Incomplete Clients

Client's who's homeowner or buyer profiles have yet to be completed in Homebot. They might be missing an email address or need the Add as a Buyer toggle turned on.

Click on your client's name to review their profile and reconcile their information right away so they can start receiving their report:

Less active

Whether they're cooling off, going cold, or have gone cold already, a personalized email video with BombBomB reviewing their digest or market report with them could be just the ticket to get them re-engaged!

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