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How to Manage Inactive Clients
How to Manage Inactive Clients

Best practices for managing your unengaged homeowners

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Unengaged clients provide an excellent opportunity to have a conversation with your homeowner or buyer. Based on the issue, Homebot logs, tags, and sorts them for you to make the following actions easy.

From the Issues tab, you can:

Learn what each issue status means here.

From Manage, select the Issues tab to get started:

Filter by issue type:


These clients have unsubscribed from Homebot emails or marked them as spam. You may want to update your CRM to no longer send emails to these clients and likely delete them from Homebot.

  • Unsubscribed from all Homebot emails

  • Unsubscribed Homeowner

  • Unsubscribed Buyer

  • Marked as Spam

To re-subscribe a client, you must send customer support a direct message by clicking the pink chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your Homebot account. We'll need written confirmation directly from the client, including their email address.

Deleting clients is permanent, be sure to reach out to your client to be sure they received the welcome email and confirm they are no longer interested in receiving the Digest or Buyers report.

The image below is what a client receives when they hit unsubscribe:

Invalid emails

These clients have bad or incorrect emails. If you don't have their correct email listed elsewhere, contact your client directly to get it updated. Let them know you've invested in Homebot and would like to get them set up in less than a couple of minutes.

Once you have the correct email address, click on the client's name to update it directly:

Incomplete clients

These clients aren't able to receive emails from Homebot because they do not have a home OR a buyer profile. Complete the client record so they have a Homebot and can start receiving emails.

Click on your client's name to review their profile and reconcile their information right away so they can start receiving their report:

Less active

These clients aren't opening Homebot emails as often as most clients. You might want to check in with them to learn why. Homebot doesn't want to annoy them, so it is smart about sending emails less often as the client cools.

  • Cooling off: These clients haven’t opened the previous 6 emails from Homebot and will soon move to receive emails quarterly if they do not engage. It might be worth reaching out to re-engage them before they start Going Cold.

  • Going Cold: These clients haven’t engaged with Homebot emails in over 6 months and have been moved to a quarterly email schedule.

  • Cold: These clients haven't opened the last 13 emails so we no longer send them our scheduled emails. It might be worth deleting them from Homebot.

Whether they're cooling off, going cold, or cold a personalized email video with BombBomB reviewing their digest or market report with them could be just the ticket to get them re-engaged!

If you delete clients and become eligible for the lower client billing block, contact Customer Support via email [email protected] to adjust your billing plan accordingly.

Have questions? Send Customer Support a direct message by clicking the pink icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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