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How to Delete Clients Who are Unengaged in the Issues Tab
How to Delete Clients Who are Unengaged in the Issues Tab

Learn how to easily remove unsubscribed users in bulk.

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Don't let unengaged clients take up valuable capacity within your Homebot account! From your issues tab, you'll be able to delete clients (one at a time or in bulk) who have the following issues:

  • Incomplete client; no home address or buyer profile

  • Hard bounce; incorrect email or no longer in use

  • Invalid email; wrong email or bounced

  • Less active; cooling off, going cold, cold

  • Spam complaint; client marked email as spam

  • Suspicious email; no email engagement

  • Unsubscribed; opted out of Homebot emails

Deleting clients is permanent. Be sure you've actively reached out to these clients to ensure they are no longer interested in receiving Homebot's emails.

From the Manage tab, click on Issues:

To delete everyone on a single page, check the box to the left of the CLIENT column:

If you have multiple pages of clients with issues, you will need to check the box for each one.

To delete one client at a time, simply check the box next to the client you wish to delete:

If you delete clients and become eligible for the lower client billing block, contact Customer Support via email [email protected] to adjust your billing plan accordingly.

Would you like additional support? Please send us a direct message using the pink icon in the bottom right corner of your account.

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