Instructions for Uploading Your Video to a Streaming Platform

Learn how to locate the video ID from YouTube, BombBomb, Wistia, and PitchHub when sending video emails.

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Whether you're using Video Email or Video Manager, in order for your clients to watch the video, it must first be added to a video streaming platform.

This article will show you how to find the necessary information for YouTube, BombBomb, PitchHub, and Wistia.

Wistia is an option for Video Manager only, not Video Email.


To use YouTube, have the video opened up in your browser and copy the URL at the top. You must also make sure your video is:

  • Over 60 seconds

  • Not be a YouTube Short (under 60 seconds)

  • In landscape (horizontal format)

  • Set to public


To use BombBomb, you'll need to provide the embed code. This BombBomb help article will teach you how to capture the embed code!


In PitchHub, select 'Downloads & Exports' from the video you'd like to include in the email. Then, select the "export" section; under "export type" click the 'Copy' button next to 'Video ID'. For details, please click here to see PitchHub's step-by-step support article.


To use Wistia, you'll need to provide the video URL or ID. For details, please click here for Wistia instructions.

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