Do I need a lender?

Learn why working with a Lender is the best way to optimize your Homebot account.

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While having a lender co-sponsor is not required, we highly recommend it, as it unlocks additional features and allows for a more optimized experience for you and your database.

You can only have one lender co-sponsor, and they must join the Homebot Lender Network to participate.

Having a lender co-sponsor unlocks the following:

  1. Homebot for Buyers: used to provide a best-in-class home search experience for your entire database.

  2. Video features including Video Email and Video Manager: used to deliver timely and informative messages.

  3. Homebot Mobile App: used to increase engagement and offer a more seamless way for clients and prospects to experience their Homebot.

  4. The lender can quickly address home finance-related inquiries, giving you time to focus on the real estate content that relates to your expertise. Learn more about how co-sponsorship works here.

If you have a preferred Lender, our sales team would be happy to give them a demo for you! Contact [email protected] to get things started.

What's next? Check out this article, which explains how to secure a lender on Homebot.

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