Do I need a lender?

Learn why working with a Lender is in your best interest

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If you have a preferred Lender, we’re happy to sell them on Homebot for you!  There are a couple of ways you can go about working with a Lender:

  1. Search the Co-Sponsor tab to see if any of your Lender partners are on Homebot. If you don't see them, send them an invite or have them schedule a one-on-one demo here.

  2. If you're new to the industry or need a new Lender partner, search the Co-Sponsor tab, you can search for a Lender you may already be working with to see if they’re currently using Homebot by simply searching their email address or zip code.

Take a 3-minute self-guided tour to learn how to invite a lender.

Having a lender is not a must, but we recommend it because... 

1. The Lender can address home finance-related inquiries giving you time to focus on the real estate content that lends itself to your expertise! 

2. Homeowners love to be connected with the two most trusted individuals when it comes to their home... YOU and a lender you trust! 

3. The Homebot buyer experience, which enables renters to understand their buying potential and explore markets, is only available if you have a co-sponsoring lender.

4. Video features, including Video Email and Video Manager are only accessible if you have a lender co-sponsor

Have questions or need support? Send us a chat using the pink message icon in the lower right-hand corner!

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