AVM Home Value Notification Video Script

Discover a script & tips for creating a video to help your client understand their AVM in High Demand markets.

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Due to national inventory shortages, the speed at which homes are selling and homes selling above listed prices, accurate AVMs (automated valuation models), and even agent-generated valuations are inconsistent and likely inaccurate. This is especially true in high-demand markets.

With the new AVM Home Value Notification, you can alert clients who are likely seeing varying valuations and help them understand the best next steps using a personalized video.


With a housing market this volatile, it's critical to stay in front of your clients, and video is a great way to get ahead of their questions and steer them in the right direction.

  1. First, explain how market fluctuations could be impacting their home value:

    Ex: “Hi! You’re seeing this because you’re in a high-demand market for buying. Due to nationwide inventory shortages and the rate at which homes are selling(often over asking price!), you could likely be seeing an incorrect home value. Home prices are fluctuating daily, and I’m here to help ensure you are informed to make the best decision.”

  2. Once you help them understand why values could be off, empower them with a next step to get a more accurate value:

    Ex: “First, tell me what you think your home is worth by tuning your value in Homebot. As soon as you do, be sure to check the box requesting a comparative market analysis to notify me so I can get you set up with an expert to help you find the right value for your home.”

Remember, your client is likely concerned about their value because they’re motivated to sell or use their equity. Remind them that you’re here to help.

Check out an example video by our Homebot Pro, Grant Hovarth:

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