Considering co-sponsoring but aren’t sure how exactly it’ll benefit you? Watch this video to learn how it'll benefit you:

Lenders who cosponsor agents reach an average of 330 additional clients, resulting in an 86% monthly-reach increase and 50% more client conversions.

When you co-sponsor a real estate agent of their clients will receive co-branded digests. This means, their clients will see your branding on all of the home finance-related content throughout the digest. Plus, when they inquire about this content, you’ll receive a notification to follow-up.

The agent's information will be at the top of each digest and they will receive any real estate-related inquiries.

This partnership reinforces the trusted triad between lenders, agents, and their customers. It helps buyers and homeowners  feel empowered to ask questions  relating to home finance and real estate and - ultimately - to build wealth through homeownership. .

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