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How to Invite, Approve, and View Your Co-Sponsored Agents
How to Invite, Approve, and View Your Co-Sponsored Agents

This article will show lenders how to invite, approve, and view the agents they are sponsoring

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Inviting agents is a great way to quickly grow your reach, obtain new leads, and strengthen your relationships with the agents in your network. In this article, you'll learn how to:


  • You can invite your agents to join Homebot for free, at no cost to you or them through our Freemium option. Learn more about Freemium here.

  • For agents ready to utilize Homebot, you can invite them into Homebot on a paid account: meaning they have access to all Homebot's features and can import up to 500 clients.

  • You must have or upgrade to a Pro account to invite agents. If you are on Base and invite an agent, you will automatically upgrade to Pro once your agent accepts. Pricing may vary. Please reach out to our support team using the chat feature in the right-hand corner for pricing questions.

  • Once an agent accepts your invite to join on a paid account, your account will automatically reflect those changes to the billing period moving forward. 


Select the 'Agent' tab in the navigation bar and then click on the 'Invite' tab:

You may need to take care of legalese (acknowledging that you will be charged per agent that accepts to join on a paid account):

For questions on how sponsoring agents may affect your billing, please reach out to [email protected] directly or shoot us a message via the pink chat icon in the right-hand corner!

Then, confirm if you want to turn on Freemium to allow your Real Estate Agents to be presented with a free option to join and load just 25 clients.

Keep in mind; Freemium is not currently available for Insurance Agents.

Next, select the type of agent you'd like to invite, Real Estate Agent or Insurance Agent:

Once you've selected your invitee, decide how you'd like to invite them! You can send them a link to join:

Or, send them an invite directly by adding them in through the contact form:

Here's what the invitation looks like:

Want to invite agents outside of your network to join Homebot? You can do this by sharing your Personal Landing Page (aka your agent invite link)! Read more about that here.


When your Agents fill out their First Name, Last Name, and Email on your custom agent invite page, their request will go directly back to YOU for approval. 

Use the Pending Requests tab to manage agents you've already invited to join Homebot, as well as agents who have requested you and their lender co-sponsor.

  1. Agents inviting you to co-sponsor

  2. Your pending invites to agents

Approve agent co-sponsor requests by clicking the blue Confirm button next to the corresponding Agent.  Let's take Fariba Jackson as an example.

Once you click Confirm, a new modal to confirm your choice will appear (image below). 

Click Yes to confirm that you would like to co-sponsor Fariba or cancel to exit out of the page and go back to the Pending Requests page.

To reject an agent co-sponsorship request, click Deny next to the corresponding agent.  Let's take Steve as an example. 

Once you click Deny, a new modal to confirm your choice will appear (featured below).  

Click Yes to confirm that you would like to deny co-sponsorship Steve or, no, go back to exit out of the page and go back to the Pending Requests page.

Finally, cancel your pending co-sponsoring requests to agents if you change your mind and decide not to extend an invitation to an agent. 

Navigate to the Agent whose pending invitation you want to cancel, and click Cancel. Once you click Cancel, a new modal to confirm your choice will appear:

The good news is that Co-Sponsoring Agents is much easier than it looks. Head to your Agents page now to start exploring the new co-sponsorship features and start building your referral partner network!  

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback! 

Next, learn how:

  1. To customize your Co-Sponsorship profile & stand out to your Agents clients.

  2. Learn how to manage your Co-Sponsored Agents to see how well they're doing!

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