What is Freemium?

Learn how to increase agent co-sponsorship by offering a free trial

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Agents who were reluctant to join and pay for Homebot can now see the value firsthand  - at no cost to either of you. Inviting agents through Freemium allows you to vet agents for co-sponsoring while simultaneously ramping up their adoption of the platform.

Why is this beneficial to me? 

On average, lenders who sponsor agents reach 330 more clients! Freemium allows you to invite your Real Estate Agent partners for free so they can fall in love with Homebot and drive more business for both of you! Not to mention, with Homebot you can build and strengthen your relationships with realtors!

What do Agents get?

  • Ability to add up to 25 clients

  • Unlimited access to Homebot until they're ready to upgrade

  • A robust training program to maximize their use of Homebot

  • Email and live chat support from our Customer Support team (and access to the Help Center) to answer their every question

Are there any limitations to Freemium?

On Freemium, agents will not be able to add clients in bulk. They will only be able to add clients one at a time.

How does it work?

1. Open the "Agent" tab at the top of your account and then select "Invite"

2. If you have not invited agents yet, you'll need to first accept the legalese. Check the box to acknowledge that additional fees may apply if your agent purchases their own account or upgrades to PRO.

3. Turn the toggle on to show pink:

4. Next, you can choose to invite them directly via email or send a share link to connect via your personal landing page. The landing page includes a video about Homebot and a section for agents to sign up with you.

When you invite an agent directly via email, your agent will receive the following email:

To educate your Freemium agents on the power of Homebot, send them this free educational one-pager today!

Need help or have questions? We're here to support you! Send us a message using the pink icon in the bottom right of your screen.


Learn how to manage your invites by reading this article.

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