What is Video Manager and How it Works

Learn how to enhance your clients’ favorite Homebot reports with short, educational, topic-based videos.

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It's no secret that people love learning through video — especially when it's bite-sized information about their largest asset. With Homebot Video Manager, educating and engaging your clients with customized videos couldn't be easier!

Video Manager is available to lenders on Homebot and agents on Homebot who are cosponsored by a lender. Otherwise, default videos are automatically available to engage your clients. Customized videos can replace default videos as desired.

Here's how to get started with Video Manager:

  1. Learn what video options are available and discover scripts to help you craft your messaging

  2. Choose a platform to host your custom video messages (Wistia, BombBomb, YouTube, or PitchHub)

  3. Add your custom video to Video Manager from the Customize tab

  4. Confirm it looks good and aligns with your company's compliance regulations, and you're done! Your video will automatically appear in your clients' Homebot reports.


Click on any of the video links below to learn where it lives, how it works, and example scripts.

Welcome your clients to Homebot:

Teach your clients about refinancing:

Help clients understand their equity position and purchasing power:

Empower clients to make smart selling decisions with market temperature videos:

Support your clients through their buying or selling journey:


We integrate with best-in-class video hosting platforms to make it easy for you to add your video content to Homebot. Add your videos from the following platforms:

  • Youtube

  • BombBomb

  • PitchHub

  • Wistia

See instructions for each platform here.


Once you’ve created your custom video and uploaded it to your video platform, log into your Homebot account and click the Customize tab in the navigation bar:

From the Customize page, select the VIDEOS subtab:

Click on your video topic in Homebot Video Manager:

Select your video platform from the options list and insert the information required. Then, click ‘Next’ to preview the video:

Once you’ve reviewed the video to ensure it’s working accordingly & the right topic matter, select ‘Looks good to me’, check the box to confirm it aligns with your company's compliance regulations and save your video.

That's it! We'll make sure it gets in front of your clients at the right time.

If you're having trouble with Video Manager, we're here to help! Please send us a chat by clicking on the pink chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen.

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