Purchase Power: Rent & Buy Another Video Script

Example video, script & tips for crafting your Rent & Buy Another video

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In this article, you'll find helpful scripting ideas and tips for creating your Rent and buy another video.

Clients exploring their purchase power options can explore various scenarios, like renting their current home and buying another:


Does your client currently own a home that could be great for renters? If possible, renting out their current home and purchasing a new home could grow their net worth exponentially.

Script Idea:

“ As you continue to build wealth through homeownership, you might have enough equity in your current home to put towards a downpayment for a new property. Having two properties means you could grow equity with both homes. Do you love your home, or are you open to moving? If you love your home but have all this equity, you could think about this second property as an investment. What's more, you might consider renting it as a way to help with mortgage payments and, ideally, generate additional income for you. Make sure you can handle two monthly mortgage payments at the same time, with or without a renter, and that you're comfortable being a landlord. Have questions? We’re here to help!”

Other ideas: Make the case as to why you’re best equipped to help them strategize their opportunities. Discuss your thoughts on renting out and purchasing a new home in today’s market.


Check out Homebot Pro, Grant Horvath's, video example below:

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