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Sell & Pocket the Cash Video Script
Sell & Pocket the Cash Video Script

Example video, script & tips for crafting your sell and pocket the cash video

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In this article, you'll find helpful scripting ideas and tips for creating your Sell and pocket the cash video.

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Although a more exotic option, it might make sense for some of your clients to consider taking metaphoric chips off the table and cashing in on their hard-earned equity:


Help your clients understand the pros and cons of selling to pocket the cash and when would be the best time to do so.

Recommended talking points and script:

“When your home value and equity are up, selling and pocketing the cash could open up new opportunities like paying for a college education, buying into a different investment, or paying off expensive debt. Keep in mind: selling your house will require you to pay fees, commissions, and moving costs, which impact how much cash you might pocket. It can be difficult to know if now is the right time. Your agent and lender can help you carefully consider your specific situation. Have questions? We're here to help! Send me a message or give me a call!”

Other ideas: What options should they consider for reinvesting their cash? Explain the risks and tax considerations to help them see the whole picture. Discuss your thoughts on selling and cashing out in today’s market.


Check out Homebot Pro, Grant Horvath's example video below:

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