Buyers: Prequalification Video Script

Example video, script & tips for crafting your pre-qualification video

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In this article, you'll find helpful scripting ideas and tips for creating your Prequalification video.

Your client can set and edit their price point for the buyer’s report, prompting them with your personalized video to encourage the transaction:


Talk to your clients about how prequalification can set them apart from other buyers; encourage serious buyers to take action today!

Scripting Idea:

“Considering purchasing a home? Getting pre-qualified, quite simply, ensures you’re viewed as a credible buyer. This gives you a competitive advantage over buyers who have yet to take that step. Plus, it can help you understand your budget and narrow down the pool of potential homes available.

What is a prequalification? It is a review of your income, assets, and credit to make sure that you can pay for the home you are making an offer on.

Get pre-qualified today so you can start shopping with authority and confidence!”


Check out Homebot Pro, Grant Horvath's example video below:

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