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Your Brand Video Script
Your Brand Video Script
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Are you co-sponsoring agents and looking to maximize your exposure in the reports sent out to their clients? The Your Brand video is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself and inform potential clients about how you can assist them with their home finance inquiries.

This video would only be visible to cosponsored clients who receive a digest from your agent partners. It will populate in the financial sections of the homeowner and buyer reports.

Learn how to embed this video and others into your client's Homebot experience here.

Example script

Create a video explaining what makes stand out from other lenders.

Here's how:

  1. Introduce yourself.

    Ex: β€œHi, my name is Erica with Demo Mortgage.”

  2. Tell them what makes you a great partner.

    Ex: β€œI've been a lender in the industry for X number of years and originated over 100+ loans...”

  3. Encourage them to reach out to you.

    Ex: "Have a question about your financing options or want to chat about interest rates? You can send me a message using one of the pink chat bubbles below, or give me a call. I'd be happy to hear from you!"

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