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What is Homebot Home Search?

Homebot Home Search allows your clients to browse homes for sale with a smarter, simpler twist: They'll see personalized insights on each property so they make decisions with investor-grade confidence. Each listing's financial insights are calculated from the client's budget and current market data, making it easy and fun to understand affordability and if a home is a smart purchase.

Best of all: You stay connected with clients along their home buying journey! In Homebot Home Search, your contact information appears on each listing, with ways for clients to send you a message when they want to learn more about a property.

How it Works

Your database of homeowners and buyers have easy access to Homebot Home Search from their automated monthly emails: their Homebot homeowner digest or market report.

For buyers: From their monthly market report email, clients have links that will take them to the Market Explorer in Homebot or to a listing in Homebot Home Search.

  • When a client has saved a search in a specified zip code, their buyer email will include direct links to for-sale homes in that area.

  • In Homebot, the "Find a Home" button and the "Search Homes" option in the dropdown will take them directly to the Homebot Home Search homepage.

  • The Market Explorer also provides a link into the search portal for your client to look at available properties in an area of interest, based on zip code.

For homeowners: Homeowner clients can easily navigate to Homebot Home Search from the top of their Homebot digest, from within the Purchasing Power Module, or in listings in the Your Market Module.

Whether starting on Homebot as a homeowner or a buyer, your clients can easily jump into the homeownership or home buying side of Homebot:

When your clients land on the search homepage, they'll know what to do! Simply type in where they're looking for homes and voila: Homebot's search portal will display for-sale properties in that area.

Clients using Homebot Home Search can:

  • Filter results based on search criteria

  • Save searches and "favorite" homes to come back to later (this will initiate daily listing update emails)

  • Click into listings to view more details, pictures, and facts (and, most importantly, personalized financial insights!)

Homebot Home Search doesn't just show people homes for sale: Every listing includes a smart, fair, or weak buy recommendation based on the buyer's budget and market data.

These personalized financial insights are based on your client's custom buying profile, helping them make informed decisions about a home's affordability as they explore listings.

Clicking the "See Insights" button opens the interactive insights panel. Clients can adjust their budget and profile in real time, interact with sliders to estimate what to bid and send their Loan Officer a DM to start a conversation. Insights are automatically calculated and updated based on client adjustments, factoring in listing price, location, current buying trends, and market data.

As your clients use Homebot Home Search, you'll see their activity in your Homebot Activity Feed. You'll know the moment someone starts their house hunt, and you can leverage your Activity Feed to know who you should call to connect with buyers who are nearly transaction-ready!

Keep an eye on your email inbox for client direct messages (DMs): buyer clients who are seriously searching for a home will reach out with questions. In addition to property details, this email will let you see if the home they're interested in qualifies as a smart, fair, or weak purchase (this is a great conversation starter!).

Read this article to learn more about the listing notification emails your buyers get when they use Homebot Home Search.

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