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Is Homebot a Real Estate Brokerage?
Is Homebot a Real Estate Brokerage?

Learn the purpose of HB Real Estate and what it means for you and your database

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Are you curious about the HB Real Estate logo at the bottom of Homebot's Home Search experience? Continue reading to discover what it means for you and your Homebot database.

Why HBRE was established

As of 2023, Homebot is a registered brokerage called Homebot Real Estate Services Inc., or HBRE for short. We established HBRE to provide your clients and leads with a quality search experience without having to leave their Homebot.

We do not work with buyers or make commissions from any listing anywhere.

In other words, HBRE ensures our listing coverage meets industry compliance standards and allows us to work with MLS providers, enabling us to provide a nationwide search experience for your database.

HBRE contact information

HB Real Estate Services' contact information directs people to our main office address and customer support phone number. If your client calls the support number, we'll let them know how they can contact you directly with listing-related questions.

Please note that HBRE information is only displayed while exploring listings and will not appear in the buyer report or homeowner digest.

What's next? Learn about Homebot Home Search and the buyer experience.

Have questions? Send customer support a direct message by clicking the pink icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.


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