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Homebot is a registered brokerage called Homebot Real Estate Services, also known as HBRE. This allows us to work with MLS providers and secure nationwide listings in our home search product.

To ensure we're compliant, and MLS providers continue to work with us, we must include the listing agent on all listings in the Home Search experience. Continue reading to find out how that affects lenders and agents on and off Homebot.

How this works for:

Real estate agents need a lender cosponsor to access or provide Home Search to their database. We're sharing more on that here.

Real estate agents on Homebot with a lender cosponsor

Real estate agents on Homebot with a lender cosponsor will receive all direct messages related to real estate through Home Search. The lender cosponsor will get direct messages about all financing-related questions.

The listing agent will not be notified in this case.

Learn more about how Home Search works for real estate agents here.

Lenders with one or more agent cosponsor(s)

If a lender and agent on Homebot have the same client(s) in their accounts, the client will automatically be tagged as a Shared Client. This means the client will no longer receive the report from the lender; it will only be sent from the agent. More on that here.

Because of that, lenders will get all financing-related direct messages, while real estate agents will receive all real estate-related messages.

The listing agent will not be notified in this case.

Lenders without an agent cosponsor(s)

The lender will get all financing-related direct messages, and the listing agent will get all real estate-related direct messages via email from [email protected].

The lender will also see this engagement in their activity feed shown below:

Listing agents on or off Homebot

Some interesting things can happen when a listing agent receives the email displayed above and is not yet on Homebot:

  • Buyers can have their property questions answered quickly by the agent who knows the listing best.

  • Lenders can connect with new agents who could turn into potential partners on and off Homebot. Join this weekly workshop to learn how to pitch agents.

  • Agents can organically learn about Homebot and get potential leads for free.

Have questions? Send customer support a direct message by clicking the pink icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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