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Read this article to understand how Homebot Home Search works for real estate agents, both on and off Homebot.

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When agents are cosponsored by a lender, they can connect Homebot Home Search, enabling buyers (and homeowners) to explore markets nationwide and gain financial insights on the listings they're interested in.

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Here's how it works:

When clients click on a listing they like, the agent on Homebot is highlighted on the page, while the listing agent remains discreet.

We must include the listing agent to remain compliant with the MLS providers. Read more about that here.

If a client asks a question, requests a home tour, or takes any action within Home Search, only the agent on Homebot will be notified.

If the client asks a financially focused question, the agent on Homebot and their lender cosponsor will be notified via email.

The below images show where the real estate agent on Homebot is featured, the demo agent being Erica Stern:

Have questions? Send customer support a direct message by clicking the pink icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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