Clients have the ability to make changes to the estimated value of their home. They can do this through their digest by selecting "Tune Your Value"


  1. From their digest, the client will select "Tune Your Value"
  2. They have the option of selecting to contact you for your expert opinion which will automatically trigger a notification
  3. They'll enter in their details of why the believe their home is worth more or less
  4. Upon submitting the notification, you'll receive an email and text message (See below)



You'll receive a text and email notification (see below):

1. Click the "See the details" button to be taken to their proposed value

2. You'll notice their proposed value with action items, if your account is co-sponsored the real estate agents information will be available to contact them to confirm OR you'll be able to enter in the new or same value. The client will be notified upon entry

3. Next, click "Preview Digest" to see the changes made. The wrench icon is their proposed CMA while your profile picture is your confirmed CMA:

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