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What Does It Mean When a Client Tunes Their Value?
What Does It Mean When a Client Tunes Their Value?

Learn how clients can tune their value and request a Comparative Market Analysis.

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Clients can communicate changes they've made to the home or challenge the value and request a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from an expert using the Tune Value feature.

PRO Tip: Leverage CMA requests to talk with your client about their home goals and build relationships.


From their digest, your client can select 'Tune Your Value' to adjust their value and notify you for support:

If your client has made any changes to their home, like adding additional square footage - they can notify you of those changes:

Changes your clients make to the home value will immediately be reflected in their digest with a wrench icon indication on their home value chart:

Wrench Icon showing client updated home value

If clients indicated they'd like expert support (aka, requested a CMA), you'll receive an email and text notification.

Loan Officers with Co-Sponsored Real Estate Agents can assign client CMA requests to their partners on Homebot.

Any changes made to the value by the Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent will be reflected in the chart as well, with their branding:

LO updated CMA Value

You can proactively update a client's home value anytime.

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