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How to Advertise Your Homebot PURL
How to Advertise Your Homebot PURL

Utilize your personalized URL in person, on the web, and on marketing materials

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Capture leads with ease using your Homebot PURL!

In this article, we'll discuss what a PURL (personalized URL) is, how it works, and some creative ways you can start using your PURL to capture leads in-person, on the web, and in marketing materials.

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What is a PURL?

A PURL is a personalized landing page. A landing page is an individual web page designed to promote one aspect of a business and facilitate conversions.

At Homebot, we’ve designed personalized landing pages to capture new leads directly into your client database. You’ll notice we call it a PURL, a Personal URL.

How it works:

The landing page allows you to capture new leads by encouraging potential clients to input their home address to find out what their home is worth.

Once they've entered their home address, they’ll be teased with the homeowner's digest, with sections blurred out, enticing them to enter their email to get the full report.

How to use your PURL in-person:

At networking events, open houses, or while mingling in a masked or covid-free world, here's what you need to do to start using your PURL face to face.

First, you'll want to bookmark your PURL on your smartphone's home screen for easy access.

While you're giving your professional pitch to mutual friends, potential clients, and even acquaintances, have Homebot pulled up on your phone so you can show them the free value-packed homeowners digest you'll send them month over month.

Tell a success story about one of your clients who has gained valuable insight about their home wealth once they started using Homebot. People love hearing a good story, so make it wow-worthy and watch the tables turn as they urge you to sign them up right away.

How to promote your PURL on the web

Host a quick, value-rich, online event

Carve out 15-30 minutes in your day to discuss all the ways homeowners can build wealth using equity in their home. Use Facebook live, go-to webinar, or another hosting platform to achieve your goal.

If possible, have attendees sign up using their email so you can reach out to them after the event. During the event, give them your expert industry opinions/advice and give them a sneak peek of the free value-packed homeowners digest they could be receiving monthly.

Again, tell a story! Captivate your audience and make signing up with you on Homebot irresistible.

Add your PURL to your email signature

A clickable email signature is a great way to drive traffic to your landing page and continue the interaction with your leads and clients.

You can get creative and add a button like this one:

Or keep it simple with linked text, "Click here to find out what your home is worth!"

Share your PURL on social media

While we've already created ready-made Facebook posts for you, you could also use your PURL on networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Instagram!

Check out this article for an example script to use on social media and general best practices.

While LinkedIn is primarily for job searching and professional networking, if you happen to be part of professional real estate or homeowner groups, you could post about Homebot being an awesome (free) value-packed tool, if appropriate. You might even land some mutually beneficial co-sponsorships as well!

On Instagram, write an intriguing bio with a call to action along with your PURL. Use the story feature to show your audience how the homeowner's digest works and then direct them to your PURL in your profile's bio section.

Similarly, On Twitter, optimize your profile by adding the PURL to your bio and include a call to action. Every now and then, post the web link in your feed, encouraging followers to find out what their home is worth.

How to add your PURL on marketing materials

Turn your PURL into a QR code so you can add it to printed promotional and communication materials.

QR codes are such an easy way for people to connect with you and learn more about your business through their smartphones.

To encourage people to use your QR code, include the text, "Aim your camera at this QR code to find out what your home is worth."

Here are some creative ways to start using your QR code:

  • Neighborhood farming; community newsletters, postcards, door hangers

  • Put it on the back of your business card

  • Drop cupcakes off at professional businesses with a card attached

  • Post flyers in country clubs or other establishments

Ready to add your QR code to some Homebot templates? Customize your own now!

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