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How to Introduce Homebot to Clients and Prospects
How to Introduce Homebot to Clients and Prospects
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This article provides scripts for introducing Homebot to homeowners and buyers before adding them as a client to your account.

If you're unsure how to convey the value of the homeowner digest and/or buyer report, you can check out the welcome email and extract key points.

For homeowners:

"I've invested in this technology, which allows my clients to track their homes' value and discover ways to leverage their equity. I'd love to add you so you can receive your highly personalized home wealth report."

For buyers:

"I've invested in a tool that gives you the ability to explore markets nationwide and view active listings across the country. Once I get you set up in a few minutes, you can safely start searching without the risk of your information being sold to the highest bidder, unlike other popular home search platforms."

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