What Does The Welcome Email Say?

Curious what our copy is for the automated welcome email? Read it here.

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Curious to know what precisely the welcome emails say, read them verbatim:


Subject: I've set you up with Homebot

Body: I am excited to let you know that I have invested in a new technology called Homebot that you will soon be enjoying (free of charge)!

You will be receiving a free monthly email called the "Homebot Digest." Homebot offers homeowners a highly personalized report containing valuable information to empower you to make smarter financial decisions when it comes to your home.

What will Homebot track for you? Take a look below...

  • Current and historical estimated market value of your home

  • Appreciation since you purchased your home

  • Net worth/equity in your home

  • A breakdown of principal and interest paid

  • Tips for how to save on interest payments

  • Your purchasing power to buy an investment property or trade up to a new home

  • Estimated rental figures for your home (or a room in your home) on services like Airbnb or VRBO

  • Your current cash-out potential for doing things like consolidating high-interest debt or increasing your home value through home improvement

If you think the value of your home is incorrect, you can challenge the value to improve future accuracy.

I hope you find this information valuable; however, if you are not interested in receiving this report, please let me know and I will cancel your subscription, or simply click "Unsubscribe" in the Homebot email.

You should receive your first report shortly. Please feel free to call or email me at any time and I hope you enjoy Homebot!



Subject: I've set you up with Homebot for Buyers

Body: I have invested in a product called Homebot to help guide you through the home-buying journey!

Without the proper support, finding a new house can be overwhelming. Take comfort in knowing you'll be financially confident with the houses you put offers on. Homebot provides free personalized information to help you find the perfect home based on your unique financial position.

Homebot will help you buy with confidence:

  • Based on your specific budget and financial goals, Homebot crunches numbers to figure how compatible each home you view is.

  • You’ll get insight into the total cost of homeownership - not just the monthly payment.

  • Selling too? Add your home to see its value and how much cash you could put towards your next home.

  • If you are not interested in receiving this report, please let me know or click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email.

Feel free to call, email, or message me at any time, and I hope you enjoy Homebot.


PRO Tip: Welcome your buyers with a personalized video!

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